June 30, 2016, Posted by: Heather Thurston

Moving Creates an Opportunity to Declutter

In life you’ll always collect things, consciously or unconsciously. You may keep old clothes, shoes, electronic devices, broken toys and extra scraps of paper. Moving gives you the chance to sort through your belongings out and only keep the things that you need. Take the opportunity to declutter using these great tips.

Always Start Early

Organizing and decluttering your belongings is a process that takes time. You need to start early, giving yourself plenty of time to finish before you move. While it’s not impossible to complete this process in a hurry, it can be stressful and leave you feeling pressured.

Organization Is Key

You may find the process daunting, especially if you have a big house or a large family. The important thing is to find a way to work through it. Try to come up with a plan to help you tackle the process in a time efficient manner, that won’t leave you tired and drained within the first week. You could try taking it one room at a time or choose a category and organize the objects, like clothes, one at a time.

Set a Goal

It’s easy to get distracted especially when you have to declutter your belongings and continue with your daily commitments. To avoid losing time set a goal for every week, giving yourself a strict deadline. Remember you need time to move the discarded objects before you move!

Get Rid Of It!

Keep very strict guidelines in your mind, of the kind of items you’ll keep and the kind that you are discarding. This may help you to stop keep useless, or broken, items merely for memories sake. If it’s old, if it’s broken, if it’s past its expiration date get rid of it!

Get Help

If there’s a lot to do and very little time to do it, you should get some help. You could get your family involved, ask your friends for help or contact a local house clearance services.

What to Do!

You may want to create a system of how you will dispose of the variety of things that the decluttering process pushes you to get rid of.

There are four choices you may want to consider; donating the items, selling them, giving them away to friends and family and throwing them away. What option you go with may depend on the state of the object and of course the memories attached to it. You could look at it like this; if it’s broken, torn or unusable you will throw it away. If it’s merely old but still useable you’ll donate it to charity and if it has value you will either sell it or give it to your loved ones.

Things to Remember!

Keep plenty of boxes, bags, tape, pens and paper with you when you are organizing your belongings. This will help you to stay organized and pack things away as you sort them out.

You should pick a day when you will focus on ensuring that all the items are disposed of correctly. Use this day to host a yard sale, visit the charity shop and throw things out!

Moving creates an opportunity to dispose of any clutter, and you should try to make the most of it. By decluttering you will be able to get rid of anything old and focus on moving the things you actually need, or want, to keep.

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