June 24, 2016, Posted by: Heather Thurston

Moving home requires a lot of physical workout, especially when you have to move furniture. Moving furniture is often the nightmare of moving families since it involves a lot of hard work. There are only too many ways in which furniture relocation can go wrong, but not if you are careful and follow the right guidelines. The right way of doing it can be learned by basically just reading a few safety tips and then acting upon them to make sure everything is taken care of.

Disassemble If You Can

No need to move a whole sofa if you can simply take it apart and move it bit by bit. That is much more practical, requires less lifting, and fits better in the removal van.

Use the Right Supplies

Moving requires using moving supplies. Don’t think that simply lifting the furniture and shoving it in the van is enough. Make sure you have moving blankets to protect the furniture against damage and make sure you have straps to keep the blankets on.

Use the Right Tools

A dolly is of utmost importance when moving furniture, especially when you do not have enough people to help you. With it you can roll instead of lifting and you only need to fit it through doorways and keep its balance on the dolly.

Don’t Rush

Never move too fast when moving pieces of furniture. If you are in a hurry, then you should not be moving any furniture at all. Moving takes time and effort, and you need more time to do it safely and securely.

Get the Right Help

And, of course, if you want your move to go well you should hire a professional removal company. A good friend or a man and van will make all the difference in a move, and even one professional or just extra helping hands will be enough to provide a safe trip.

Make use of these tips and make sure that you move your furniture in the safest possible way. It does not take too much effort, it merely takes some planning. After that the execution of the move will be much more bearable. Hire a man and van that will save you the trouble of hiring a full team of movers.

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